Summer Potpourri

Summer is the wonderful smells of flowers and herbs. This is a great time to grab abasket and collect wonderful mints, lemon and orange leaves, verbena, geranium, magnolia,jasmine, sweet pea, roses, herbsand lavender. Pick anything that smells good. This is a great olfactory experience for young children.
1.On a sunny day after the morning dew melts off,
pick flowers that are freshly bloomed. These flowers
have the most fragrant oils.Pick fragrant leaves and
herbs as well.
2. Have your child gently pull off the flower petals
and leaves from the stems. Spread out on paper towels
or in a large wicker basket. Let your child stir
gently the mixture every other day until dry.
Your child will be able to observe the gradual drying
process  In the beginning the fresh flowers and leaves
are soft and supple by the end of the drying process
the petals and leaves will be as dry as corn flakes
and will have changed colors. Note the difference with
your child.
3. Mix carefully together the dried potpourri. You can
add spices from the kitchen spice rack, such as
cinnamon, lemon pepper, cloves, allspice, rosemary,
and sage.
4. Keep the potpourri in a sealed jar. Have your child
smell the mixture at least every week and tell you if
the smell has changed. At first the potpourri will
smell fresher and will mellow over 3 to 5 weeks.
5. You can use different types of potpourri for the
smelling bottle exercise.
6. Use gauze and ribbon to make potpourri balls.